Solid Waste Management Program Services


Program provides matching Operations & Maintenance funding through a Joint Powers Agreement with Coconino County, Arizona, and San Juan County, New Mexico.


Program provides matching funds for collection points at chapters through a Cost Sharing Agreement with an individual chapter.

Cost Estimates

Program provides cost estimates for planning, design, and construction of a solid waste facility.

Technical Assistance

Program provides technical assistance on environmental compliances, solid waste and recycling facilities, construction and operations and maintenance of solid waste and recycling facilities, and local integrated solid waste management plans.

Archaeological and Biological Surveys

Program facilitates required archaeological and biological surveys for solid waste and recycling facilities.

GPS Mapping

Program provides GPS mapping and ArcView maps of landfills and illegal dump sites within chapter boundaries.

Community Spring Cleanup Activities (Earth Day)

Program assists with Spring Clean Up Activities’ transportation and disposal fees.

Public Education 

Program provides public education on proper solid waste management and recycling practices for chapters, schools, and other organizations.